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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catching up - an intro! and Top 12 Notes from L&K

Hey yall! Glad to be a part of this - although, it seems like we have been doing this for years! I am glad we now have an official forum of sorts - woo hoo! :)
This season - I will be posting for myself and Kevin - hence the L&K nickname. Kevin has been really into Idol for the past 2 years as well - so I will be reporting both of our thoughts on the show this year.

Lisa’s thoughts on the Top 12:

Yay! First big post – on the top 12. Both Josh and Allison gave great rundowns on the competition. So here are my notes:

MY fave last night….loved me some David Cook! He really took E. Rigby to a new level J Yay – loved it, and I am bothered less and less by the combover hairdo – so that’s a good thing.

My second fave was actually my overall pick to go home this week: where did all the Chickezie energy come from? I was impressed from the start – unique take on the song, great use of the stage and he REALLY seemed so excited to be there!!

My third fave of the night – was actually Aussie Mike. I was in the kitchen cooking during his performance – so I didn’t see any of it – only listened, and for me I thought he did a really nice job with “Across the Universe”. He was not really a fave of mine going into this part of the competition, so that was good for me to hear him do well.

Next up for me: Amanda….okay, I know it was a crazy outfit – “chile”! But I liked her performance and she stayed true to herself it seemed.

These below are random no particular order:
Carly – after her intro talking about the song, I thought she was set up to do an acoustic version of ‘Come Together’…..but no dice. It was alright – she can certainly sing. Did NOT like that outfit – hello??

Jason C. – seemed similar to last week. He’s a cutie though J

Ramiele – one of my favorite Beatles tunes – and she sung it very sweetly.

Brooke - Kinda stumped on this one – great piano playing, and started off good for me, but I thought she was gonna take it up a notch, and I didn’t hear it.

Kristy – I guess the bluegrass version of “Eight Days a Week” was okay…..not one of my faves overall.

David A. – ummm, what happened here? I thought watching his pre song interview, he demonstrated just a bit of ‘teenagery’ behavior – in discussing not knowing Beatles songs and being worried about what to do. He seemed to have psyched himself into a poor performance. But everyone will still love him – and it’s my thought that his primary demographic has no idea that he messed up the lyrics – so he will be fine in the voting.

David H. – yikes!! Say it ain’t so----hard to watch for me. He could’ve done MUCH better than that – like, he was the cheese factor that I thought Chickezie was going to be.

Syesha – just disappeared into the night. And the kiss of death first spot – not looking good for her.

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