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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lil David with the Great Big Voice

Lil David is up next . . . and . . . there is his girlfriend. She's adorable, but seems to be a might bit taller than our lil bit. Anyhoo, David A. is singing a song that I'm not sure anyone has ever heard of . . . . "You are the voice" by David Foster. He is in brilliant voice... absolutely brilliant voice. He has one of the most purely clean songs I have ever heard. Strange song choice for me, but it is hard to argue with that voice.

Randy thought it was a strange song, but that he could sing anything - in brilliant voice. Paula, again, didn't know the song, but thought he was brilliant. Simon hated it, and thought it sounded like something you would hear at a theme park.

Ugh. I did not love the song, but I heart lit David and his great big voice.

An aside, could be a brilliant move if David Foster watches Idol.

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L&K said...

I thought lil David did look more comfortable this week - but did not love the song either. I read that it might have been a song that an Australian Idol winner perhaps he is trying to pick (or someone is trying to pick for him) - winning songs?