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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mr. Ezie . . . is cheesy

And we're back with Ryan reminding us how and when to vote . . . and go.

Cue Chekezie Ezie! He is gonna kick yet another Luther song, "If only for one night". First impression: He's on pitch with the appropriate inflection of soul . . . but something seems a little awkward to me . . . can't quite put my finger on it. Mr. Ezie continued on in the same manner through the rest of the song.

Randy thinks he was kickin it old school . . . in a bad way. He thought it was boring. Paula thinks he upped the tempo, did a great job, and demonstrated the textures of his voice. Simon, thinks he sang it well, but it was cheesy... Chekezie ... he thought it was a copycat performance. Simon and Randy agree . . . finally.

Overall, it was good, but on the okay side of good for me. I might be hanging out on the island of unpopular opinion on this one.

And break . . .

1 comment:

L&K said...

I knew they would say copy cat - but I liked it. I think he has a nice stage presence.