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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top 12 week - Wow! AND Oh No! All in the same show!

Hey y'all!

So, tonight's episode was very interesting. In my opinion, we saw three flat out AMAZING performances. We also saw some reallllllllllllllly bad ones. However, overall, I think this show featured perhaps the Best Top 12 show, idol has ever given us. What will follow will be a performance by performance review that I typed while watching the show. Oh yeah, I was watching DVR and every performance or so, I stopped to call fellow blogger Allison to check in on her thoughts. I hope she will post for you guys tomorrow.

So, our American Idol top 12 show opens with La Seacrest displaying the brand new set. Looks pretty cool . . . lots of fun lighting . . . levitating band, etc. We are now introduced to our judges . . cue: inappropriate interaction between Ryan and Simon regarding Cowell’s display of chest hair – albeit sporadic (chest hair, not interaction). Anyhoo, a Lennon/McCartney retrospective leads us into our top 12. . . Cue drumroll please!!!!

Syesha is up first. Yikes for her, first on the top 12 is a pretty tough position to be in. I’m a bit surprised it didn’t go to Chekezie. Hope she is good. Thank Goodness, Whitney Houston is not a possibility this evening. So, we learn that she is singing “Got to Get you into My Life”. We’ll see. . . . First impression while she is singing . . . she is being overshadowed by the band. She is in good voice tonight . . . Lord, I’ve been watching this show too long . . . Randy thinks she started rough . . . and yo dawg and stuff . . . but it was a-ight. Paula thought she was pitchy at first, and then she “found her zone” and stuff. Simon thought it was better than alright. Overall, I think she was good, but not great. Depending on the other 11, she might need to be a touch worried. However, there are several singers to come who could really butcher up some Lennon/McCartney shizz. BTW, what is she wearing . . . off the shoulder . . . strangely put together . . . hmmm . . .

Chekezie is second – speaking of someone who could butcher up some of this shizz - Note to Mr. Ezie: Never tell the Idol audience that you had made your peace last week and that you were READY TO GO HOME. NEVER! – Anyway, Mr. Ezie is going to sing, “She’s a Woman”. First impression – What a great initial arrangement. This performance may be his best yet. I’m impressed with most of the vocals and most of the arrangement. A touch of the ridiculous in his stage presence, but overall very, very good. Randy, lots of “dudes” and “dawgs”, and he smashed it. Paula thought it was a good risk, my dear. Simon is surprised that he agrees. He really loved it, and thought he was MUCH more comfortable that Syesha. Overall, I really think he did a good job. . . I must eat my words from the beginning, he actually did not butcher this shizz, rather, he rocked it. Hmmm, I love how this show is capable of pleasantly surprising me. J

Ramiele is third – she is talking something about soy sauce and smelling funny and stuff. Anyway, she is singing In My Life. . . . for her close friends who have left the show already . . . I think she means her close gays who have left the show already . . . but, I digress. First impression: She is going to be overshadowed by this song. I’m really curious to see what the judges think about this performance. Randy thought it was pretty . . . boring, dawg. Paula thinks she looks lovely, but it was pretty . . . safe. Simon was bored to tears. I really can’t agree more with the judges. Ms. Ramiele was pretty . . . sucky. Ugh. Boring, boring, boring. What in the name of Ryan Seacrest was she thinking. That song had SO much potential. I wish Jason Castro or Little David had chosen it. She could also be in some deep shizz come Wednesday at 8:59 and 48 seconds.

Up next, Jason Castro – I heart Jason Castro - Oh sweet Lord, he has chosen, Yesterday, oh no, damn it! He is not singing Yesterday, he is singing, If I Fell. I’m sure it will be beautiful, but I got strangely aroused there for a moment . . .Hmmm . . . First impression: I heart him, but I guess I wasn’t aware that they were going to be allowed to use instruments throughout the entire competition. Interesting. He has such a pure, simple voice. Oh, btw, have I mentioned that I heart this boy. That was absolutely WONDERFUL. He is just great. . . . now, for the judges: Randy, liked it, but didn’t love it. WHAT? Dawg must be deaf. Paula disagrees with Randy. Paula, felt his . . . ahem . . . heart. Simon thinks that he was not as good as last week, did not love the song. He can’t keep doing “this” week after week. For once, I agree with Paula. JC just connects with the camera. I just love the little singer, songwriter, vibe that he and Brooke bring to the stage. Just awesome. And, oh yeah, have I mentioned that I heart him.

Next up, Ms. Carly and her tattooed arm . . . Ok, so, she is singing “Come Together”. . . and she’s going to change it up a little bit. Interesting arrangement . . . I think I like it. Randy thought she sounded amazing. Paula thought she was already watching a star. Simon thought she FINALLY chose the right song. This reminds him of Kelly Clarkson from six years ago. I gotta tell you. That was really really good. I am very impressed. Girlfriend has got some pipes and knows how to blow . . . that sounded a little naughty, heh heh.

Next up, David Cook . . . Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Sorry, I slipped into internal monologue for a moment. Mr. Cook is singing Eleanor Rigby . . . minus guitar . . . I’m curious to see what he does with it. Wow! He turned that song into a rockin rockin jam! Wow! Randy thought he was pitchy to begin with, but that he rocked it out. Paula thinks he is the dark horse, but likes him as . . . ahem, a front man. Simon thinks that it was brilliant. I got to agree here. He was absolutely brilliant. I really felt like I was watching a rock concert, which may be why I took off my boxer briefs and threw them at the tv . . . er, no, I didn’t really do that, I was just kidding, and stuff. Sufficed to say, he was freaking amazing.

Nanny Brooke is next. I have really gotten to love her in the last few weeks. I really hope she brings it. The last two have been WONDERFUL! She has chosen to sing, “Let it Be”. This has great potential. Oh cool, she is playing the piano. I just find this girl mesmerizing. In my opinion, she has a career no matter what the result is here. Just a brilliant talent. Her vocals are so simple and pure . . . much like Mr. Castro. Absolutely BREATHTAKING. Randy thinks it wasn’t her strongest performance, but the dawg is a fan. Paula thinks this is her niche and an emotional connection. Simon thinks it was one of the best performances of the night, and a brilliant choice of song. In the end, breathtaking.

Next up, stripper boy . . . er, David Hernandez. Oh sweet Lord, he is singing “I Saw Her Standing There”. I fear that this is going to be soaked in cheese, and just generally shizzy. First impression: Holy Cheddar, Batman! This sucks big gouda! I hate that this performance is so bad, because I kind of think Hernandez has some talent. He however, has the unfortunate position of following the three best performances of the night. Randy thinks he over did it. Paula, shockingly, agrees. Simon, says “No, no, no!” Corny verging on desperate. Yikes, I really agree. It was not good. And, he is wearing . . . um, er, interesting clothing, and stuff. I don’t know why I kind of like this guy, but if this performance is any indication of his top 12 shizz, he will be voted off the island soon.

Next up, Amanda . . . So, she’s riding her Harley and being Amanda O. And, she is singing “You Can’t Do That”. I’m quite fearful. Um, I believe she is singing in some unknown Portugese dialect. I kid, I kid, sort of, overall, she seems on pitch and she’s showing some energy. Ok, so, the end of the song kind of saved it for me. I really thought she worked that part out. . . And, she looks pretty good. Randy thinks she worked it out in a . . . er, Southern bar kind of way. Paula notes that she is smiling and looks good and is blown away. Simon, didn’t think it was as good as last week and, thank you, acknowledges that Amanda was utilizing the aforementioned Portugese dialect. Overall, good job. Should keep her in for another week.

Aussie Mike is next. I really want to love this guy. He really has superstar written all over him . . . except that sometimes he’s really not. He walks a fine line between hot superstar Michael Hutchence god-like man, and complete cheeseball. Not gouda filled like David Hernandez, but cruise ship, 3:30 a.m. in Las Vegas, cheese ball. He is singing “Across the Universe”. First impression: Better makeup job this week. It does not appear I could fry potatoes on his forehead. Yet another song in the L/M songbook that I do not recognize by the title – making me feel like complete imbecile – yet, I recognize when the singing starts. Ok, I have had to rewind this performance and listen again because I feel like he didn’t say anything except “Nothing’s gonna change my world”. . . let’s see . . . ok, there were a few other lyrics . . . but I was mostly correct. Overall, good performance. He sounded really good, but it was slightly, maybe a little bit, boring. On any other night, this might have been one of the best performances of the night. However, tonight he was very much in the middle. Randy thought it was ok. Paula thought he had a quiet confidence. Simon thought he should have been more like . . . “What’s the Irish girl’s name . . . Oh, yeah, Carly” . . . and changed up the song. I thought it was good . . . not great . . . but good.

Alright, next up, Ms. Kristy Lee – She is singing a countrified version of “Eight Days a Week”. I want this to be really good, because I like it when underdogs in the top 24 come out and totally stun us. However, we’ve already had Chekezie, could it be too much to ask? Ok, not blown away here. BUT, she did change the song around . . . and she took a risk. She was not bad vocally. I kind of liked it, but then again, I don’t know. Randy agrees with me. Paula, shockingly, didn’t like it. She tends to screw with the girls more than the boys. Simon thought it sounded like Dolly Parton on helium. Kristy Lee bravely looked at Simon and said “I liked it”. More interesting banter, blah blah blah. Overall, I don’t think it was quite as bad as Simon and Paula. It was brave and she kind of pulled it off in places. Much like normal, some will like and some will hate. Probably going out on a limb here, but, I actually think she will be safe this week.

Finally, the apple of idol’s eye, Little David. I heart him as well. Yet again, another pure voice here. He’s going to sing, “We Can Work it Out”. He admits being nervous. I hope he can work it out – insert bad joke music – Oh no! Little David does not know the words to this song. He is totally blowing it. He has a great voice, but this is NOT good. I think he has a big enough fan base that he will be safe, but sweet Lord, he cannot do that again. UGH. Randy is a fan of his, but does not think he was on point. Paula, thinks it wasn’t his best, but still loves him. Simon, thought it was a mess. . . .thought it was his weakest performance so far. I agree.

So, overall, I have to say I am very happy with this Top 12 show. Excellent, excellent, performances! Best of the night: Brooke. Followed by: David Cook, Carly, and Jason Castro.
Worst of the night: David Hernandez and Ramiele.

My Bottom Three: Syesha, David Hernadez, and Ramiele
America's Bottom Three: Syesha, David Hernandez, and Ramiele
America will send home: I think this one is difficult. I don't think David Hernandez goes home. Therefore, it is between Syesha and Ramiele. For me, Ramiele was far worse, and though I am going against my gut here, I think that cute, little, Ramiele with the alleged big ole voice will head to the hills, and thus, not be joining the idols on tour . . . Probably a good thing since her best gays were voted off. :)

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Rubbertoe said...

Loved your analysis...had me laughing and agreeing with almost 100%......