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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The DredLocked Cuteness and The New Darkhorse!?

And we're back . . . I wonder if Ryan will ever be able to say the name of our country without using the aMERican pronunciation. Anyhoo, here comes Jason Castro . . . as y'all may know, I heart him and his "dreamy" eyes. Tonight he is singing "Fragile" by Sting

Ok, so, I don't think many people will know this . . . I went through a Sting phase in high school, so, I'm very familiar. Cuteness was mostly on pitch . . . occassionally he slipped, but for the most part he was good. Randy loves the song, but doesn't know if he did anything different to the song. Paula thinks he was safe, but is in his "niche". Simon thinks it was kind of a hot mess, and that he sounded kind of like he was strumming outside of a subway. Potentially a winner, but needs to take it more seriously. Jason, in his kind of cannabis induced looking state, can "kind of dig where he is coming from".

Overall, kind of a meh performance. He was on pitch, but kind of boring. I STILL HEART HIS GUTS!

Next up, Ms. Syesha. She is singing Stephanie Mills' "If I was your woman". Initial impressions are that she is in good voice, but WHY isn't she wearing a slinky dress to sing this song. This is a first for Syesha, in my opinion, SHE WAS BRILLIANT! IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE!

Randy thinks it was HOT! And that he was "surprised" that she did so well. Paula thinks that America will remember this as the moment that Syesha turned it around and became the darkhorse. Simon disagrees and thinks that she has limits to her voice, and that this song stretched it.

Clearly, the best performance so far. Two weeks running, I have definitely been impressed. I think she rocked the house . . . but, girl, please think about your choice of song when picking your wardrobe . . . slinky and sexy would have made this performance absolutely perfect.

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L&K said...

Best Syesha since her Hollywood week! and love, love, love Jason C. - but he was a bit too mellowed out...which might be cool if you were rocking the backyard get-together - but not so much for the competition.