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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kristy Lee kicks it patriotic style . . . And, I do mean KICKS IT!

Ok, so KLC is up next and Rocker David is last. I am putting them together because they have chosen the most cheestastic songs. KLC is singing "God Bless the USA". This has the potential to be fabulously cheestastic OR drowning in Velveeta bad! Here comes KLC . . . I'm sort of nervous . . . because I have kind of learned to like her. Ya know, each season I find one person who is not going to win . . . who remains in the competition despite all logic . . . and they kind of become who I want to root for - not to win, but to root for. I kind of think that performance keeps her in the comptetition.

Randy thought she was a little pitchy, but in good voice. Paula, because she hates pretty blondes, thinks it wasn't her best performance. Simon thinks she was very good and that it was perhaps the most clever song choice he has ever seen.

I gotta agree. YOU GO KLC!


L&K said...

yes, it was a clever song choice - and I think it will keep her in place for another week.

J said...

I feel like I'm watching a little bit of Nicki McKibbon circa Idol 1.
Remember how she was in the bottom 2 the first few weeks and then suddenly was the first from the bottom 3 to go back. I've gotta hand it to KLC, she very quickly figured out her audience - and, indeed, blew Simon's, and my, socks off. Clever or manipulative in her song choice, I really think she thought this choice out well. And executed it quite nicely.