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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

By way of introduction ...

Hi , I'm Allison. My friends Josh and Lisa have been Idol fanatics from the VERY beginning and although I watched Idol regularly, I did not meet Josh or Lisa until season 4. But since then, Idol is our life. (Ok, that sounds kind of sad and is possibly a little over dramatic given that we are all VERY busy people with work and family and friends!) Perhaps we could say that Idol is a fun diversion from the everyday.

The blog is inspired by a friend I met last summer, Robert. He and I were at a conference together dealing with all things serious when we discovered that we were both huge Idol fans. (As a side note, Robert and I both love Dolly Parton and the song "Rocky Top" -- there could be no stronger bond between two strangers!)

Robert and his friends have an Idol list-serv that they post all of their thoughts and predictions. By special invitation, Robert has included me this year and I love getting the chance to hear what Robert and his friends way out west in sunny California think about Idol. I've been forwarding the list-serv e-mails to Josh so that he and I can discuss further.

Josh and I talked about doing our own list-serv and then that turned into this blog with our friend, Lisa.

We hope you enjoy our blog and that you share your own idle Idol thoughts with us!


1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

Hey Allison:

LOVE this blog....I will definitely check it out weekly....
Reading your comments brought back fond memories of our bonding at that group dinner...I feel fortunate that I ended up sitting next to you...! (BTW...I youtubed Rocky Top Tenn...and got some interesting versions...still love that song though).

My bottom three are: Cook, Syesha and Hernandez. I think Cook leaves...outside chance of Syesha...I think stripper boy stays for another dance.