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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top 2 Bottom! It's Ur Birthday. . . Some are Gonna Party and Some are Gonna Need to Drink Bacardi

Here is my Top 10 List . . .

1. Aussie Mike - only put above number two because THIS WAS HIS MOMENT
2. David Cook - Brilliant, innovative version of a classic MJ ditty (see above).
3. Carly Smithson - Judges got it wrong here. Girlfriend chanelled Bonnie Tyler.
4. Lil David - On any other song, he might have been first... utterly strange song choice moves him down the list.
5. Brooke - On another night, she might have been first or second . . . (see above)
6. Syesha - In great voice . . . she's produced the goods the past two weeks.
7. KLC - The first time she has avoided my bottom three. She had her moment tonight.
(Big Fat Space)
8. Chekezie Ezie - He was in good voice, but something just didn't seem right... I think he's in trouble.
9. Jason Castro - Y'all know it pains me to put him here. Cutey was on pitch, but kind of boring . . .
10. Ramiele - In the name of Ann Wilson, who told this girl crooning this ditty was a good idea . . . just plain AWFUL . . . that being said . . .

Who I think America will choose for the Bottom Three:

Ramiele, Chekezie, KLC (I hate to put her here, but I think America will choose her instead of Cutey Jason).

Eliminated: Chekezie . . . Will someone come and visit me during my stay on the island of unpopular opinion. :)

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