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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Top 11 Results Show: The Idol Tour is Set!

And, here we go . . .

The Top 11 are about to become 10 . . . and set the lineup for the much anticipated Idol Tour . . . in the past, that comment would have been full of snark, however, Ms. Allison took me for my birthday last year (I am sooooo gonna post about that late in the week) and it was REALLY GOOD . . . honest! Anyway, La Seacrest pulls a Vanna White and shows us the couch where the touring idols will sit and supply the appropriate pittying gaze (read: whew, I was really worried I wasn't going to get to rock Des Moines) at those sitting in the dreaded stools of doom - or THE BOTTOM THREE!

Obligatory Idol Group Number . . . Beatles, Beatles, Beatles . . . In the name of Latoya London, please move past this theme.

Filler, Filler, Filler, and we're on to the first part of the results. It looks as if the Idols will come out one at a time and be placed in their designated areas.

First out of the gate, is a wonderfully non burlap sacked Brooke White! Blogger TtownIdolFan picked Ms. Brooke to go to the bottom 3. Brooke seems rather relaxed while admitting to being awkard, but even more so when Vanna tells her that she is SAFE! Friendly Competition Update: Rubbertoe, Allison, K, L, and myself all breate a sigh of relief!

Next up, Ms. Carly Smithson, she of the blackbird and its broken wing that is flying free . . . SPLAT! No flying for Ms. Carly. . . she is SHOCKINGLY in the Bottom 3. Not a good start for our "friendly competition". NONE OF US GOT THAT ONE RIGHT! UGH! Now listen up America, are you listening . . . ok, next week, before you pick up your IPhone with service provided by AT&T, go online, and come to our lovely little corner of the world AND READ OUR LISTS SO THAT YOU KNOW HOW YOU SHOULD VOTE . . . I mean seriously, you can't be expected to always think for yourselves, right? Anyhoo, Ms. Carly has a seat on stool #1 . . . cue pittying gaze from Sunny Brooke.

Wait, is that a heavenly choir I hear, ahhhh, it must be Little David A. So, our lovely host tells Lil Bit that the forecast for his Long, Winding Road is clear! He is tour bound!

Alright, here we go, Aussie Mike is up next. K, L, TtownIdolFan, and myself all picked this one to go to the Bottom 3. I'm not really feeling it anymore now that Ms. Carly and her inked digit have plopped down on stool #1. And, although he hit his "peak" in the prior rounds, the Hotness is SAFE! Friendly Competition Update: Rubbertoe and Allison were the official smarties by avoiding this pick! Good Job!

Break . . . Filler . . . Filler . . . Ms. Pickler in her trailer, and her red high heels . . . and stuff

And, we're back. . .

Next on the potential chopping block, Rocker David. Ryan wisely chooses not to attempt to make physical contact with Brother Cook for fear he would use his faux hawk as a voice box . . . Mr. Cook gives a smug look and says that he has no response to Simon's referral to him as, well, smug. Our resident rocker is indeed smug, but SAFE!

Filler . . . Filler . . . oh wait, Seacrest's rambling isn't filler, just the obligatory talk before he escorts one Ms. KLC to her usual place in the bottom three. KLC takes her place next to Carly . . . required hugs . . . cue gazes of pity. Friendly Competition Update: All Six Fabulous Bloggers got this pick CORRECT . . . clearly, we are brilliant . . . with decent hearing.

Dreds, as RyRy calls him, is next. You can cut the tension in the studio with a knife, however because JC is high . . . er, um . . . I mean, relaxed, he calmly accepts the news that he is SAFE!

Karaoke Ramiele brings up the rear in this our second in a three part series we like to call, "The Long and Winding Results Show". Rubbertoe and Allison both picked Little Ms. R to go to the stools of darkness, and, to make her even more cringe worthy in my eyes, she softly whines that she "guesses" that she wishes she had picked a ballad . . . Ugh. Anyway, she is. . . SAFE. I suppose there always has to be at least one contestant who makes me want to grap a spork and shove it into my eye . . . Friendly Competition Update: Kevin, Lisa, TtownIdolFan, and myself all steered clear of this pick (no matter how much I wanted her OUT).

And break . . .

Elliot and Fantasia show us how Idol gives back . . . very sweet actually . . . except, does Fantasia need to sing like that . . . I would be perfectly happy for her to just stand there and smile. A Disclaimer: Any opinions provided by me are mine and mine alone. These opinions in no way represent those of my Idol peeps.

Here we go . . .

Ms. Syesha is next. Both K & L picked Ms. S to head towards the cheap seats. Seacrest reviews her performance and tells her that she turns her performance Yesterday into a very pleasant Today . . . she is SAFE!

Now, we are down to the final two . . . Chekezie Ezie and Harley Ridin Amanda . . . In a surprisingly quick manner, Seacrest tells Chekezie that he is safe, and sends Amanda to the dreaded third chair. Friendly Competition Update: A bit of a split decision here as Rubbertoe picked Chekezie to go to the chair and Allison and myself picked Amanda to be led to the gallows.

So, the bottom three are Carly, Amanda, and KLC. Seacrest provides a push from Purgatory into Idol Heaven to . . . Carly. Whew, I knew she would be ok, but that was a touch scary for un momento. So, our bottom two are KLC and Amanda. Simon says that "for the second week in a row, America got it right". In our little competition, everyone except L picked KLC to hit the road (L picked Ms. Syesha). Drumroll please . . . Kristy Lee is . . . safe? really? huh? Anyway, that means that Amanda is gone . . . oh well, I guess no tour means more time for Harley's and Souther bar performing.

Overall, I am stunned that Carly went to the bottom three AND that America voted out Amanda and not KLC. I think Ms. Allison has a point, America doesn't like it when the judges are overtly mean to one performer, and let others (**clears throat and coughs out "Ramiele"**) who are equally flawed get by with more benign judgements.

Well, another week gone. What do y'all think? I'll post updated Friendly Competition Scores soon!

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