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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top 11 Week/Bottom Three Predictions

Whoo! It's rough to be in the Top 11. Idols were no where as good as last week as a group, but Little David did make a remarkable recovery from last week. A wee bit bitter that Syesha somehow wrangled her way into the "Yesterday." (I agree with Simon, Brooke should have had that song.) So here is my ranking of last night's Beetles love fest:

1. Little David -- back in a big way
2. Carly -- this girl can sing
3. David Cook -- something about this boy just does it for me. I know he looks smug, but ...
4. Jason Castro -- beautiful guy and a beautiful performance
5. Brooke -- bad song choice; she took some ill-advised risk, but can still sing
6. Syesha -- pretty voice, but lacks the "it" factor Simon sometimes discusses
7. Chikeze -- Although he got lukewarm reviews, I kinda liked his performance.
8. Amanda -- completely forgettable
9. Ramiele -- Probably pretty telling that when we made it through the first 9 singers, I couldn't remember who was left to sing. And is a hat necessary?
10. Kristy Lee Cook
11. Aussie Mike -- what a complete mess that was. Good looks will keep him singing another week.

My predictions for bottom 3: KLC, Ramiele, and Amanda
Going home: KLC I want her to stay but I think she is headed home


Rubbertoe said...

I agree with you on Chikeze....I kinda liked it as well....

Love reading this BLog!!!

L&K said...

Go Chikezie! :) and you are correct about Brooke and "yesterday" - I think it was a big mistake for that song to have gone to Syesha.