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Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Hernadez is out ...

(yes Josh, I know what you are thinking, he is now OUT in all the ways)

What a surprising first week result even though I had him in my bottom 3. I never thought that David H was going to make it to the end (or even to the to the top 6) but I thought he would do better than 1st to go.

From some of the comments I heard from my non-blogging friends (including my sister, LT) there seemed to be a huge backlash against KLC. Apparently a lot of people really hated the song. It wasn't the best, and it did have a Dolly Parton sound to it, but I was ok with the song and performance. KLC was ranked #8 on my list from Tuesday night.

My theory for why she stayed is that folks don't like it when Paula and Randy CLEARLY go after someone when they are so generous with comments to other people with bad or mediocre performances. Lots of folks like country music and even though I was not a HUGE fan of the song (READ: I am not downloading it to my I-pod), she is the only country artist in the show. Combine all of that with David H's semi-scandal and I think that equaled an early exit for David H.

I am sure the KLC will be first or second in the order next week as the AI machine tries to eliminate her quickly. She will need a great performance to hang in for another week or 2 so she can make the tour.

My early prediction for next week ... One of the girls will go for sure.

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