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Thursday, March 20, 2008

KLC is still in the hunt! Dolly Parton on the show!

Despite the Idol machine's best efforts, they could not get KLC eliminated. (Haven't they learned? America loves to support someone who seems unfairly picked on by the judges. See Haley from Season 6.)

I was surprised along with everyone else by Carly's appearance in the bottom 3. I wonder if America is not quite ready for an Idol import. Maybe an earlier than expected exit for the Irish girl.

I am very excited about Dolly Parton's appearance on the show. As I mentioned early on, Rubbertoe and I bonded over some American Idol and Dolly Parton! To combine them will make for a memorable night. I think that Dolly will do the contestants right, if they will listen to her because she knows so much about music and the industry. Let the fight begin for her version of "I Will Always Love You."

Our competition scores will be updated. Rubbertoe and K are due a bonus point for picking Amanda to leave at week 11.

P.S. Get well wishes for my dear friend J as he is limping along on his bum foot this week!

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