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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top 10! Who Gets Da Boot?

Ok y'all, so I am serving up a bitter taste of idol tonight. I AM NOT HAPPY. How could my DVR betray me like this. I am so good to him. UGH! So, as I sit here watching All My Children from earlier today - yes, I watch the soaps, and it may very soon be incorporated into a new blog - I check online to see the results. Acutally, to be honest, my DVR, for some reason, recorded the last 2 minutes of Idol . . . so, I know who has been eliminated.

First things first . . . Let's do a review of the scores for the friendly competition, and our picks for the bottom 3.

Rubbertoe = 4 Picks for the Bottom 3: Chekezie, Ramiele, Jason. Eliminated: Chekezie
Allison = 4 Picks for the Bottom 3: Ramiele, KLC, Chekezie. Eliminated: Ramiele
Josh = 4 Picks for the Bottom 3: Chekezie, Ramiele, KLC. Eliminated: Chekezie
K = 3 Picks for the Bottom 3: Ramiele, Syesha, Chekezie. Eliminated: Ramiele
L = 3 Picks for the Bottom 3: Ramiele, Syesha, Chekezie. Eliminated: Ramiele
Ttownidolfan = 1 Picks for the Bottom 3: Ramiele, Jason, Chekezie: Eliminated: Ramiele

And the results . . . From the reviews I've read - UGH ON DVR - we see the stools and the sofa again. Chekezie is the first to the stools. A bunch of safe folks follow. Next to the stools, Syesha - Again, UGH DVR - is American serious, did they hear what I heard?! Finally, Jason-freakin-Castro! Um, did I read correctly, Ramiele is safe?!?! WHO IS VOTING FOR THIS GIRL? Funny enough, KLC has been the girl that everyone thought should leave, but suddenly, Ramiele is the one who seems to be the odd girl out . . . funny how that works. Anyway, The Cuteness is safe! Hooray!
So now, apparently, it is between Syesha and Chekezie . . . neither of which actually deserve to be in the bottom 2 . . . and . . . Syesha is . . . SAFE! Mr. Ezie has to hit the trail. I predicted that America would send him home, but it is kind of bittersweet. I'm glad I picked correctly, but I don't think that he deserved to go. DAMN YOU RAMIELE! Below, I provide an updated score sheet. Allison will update the scores tomorrow, because I'm sure I will get the point distribution wrong :)

1. Rubbertoe - Score: 7 (2 of Bottom 3 correct and elimination)
2. Josh - Score: 6 (1 of Bottom 3 correct and elimination)
3. Allison - Score 5: (1 of Bottom 3 correct)
3. K - Score 5: (2 of Bottom 3 correct)
3. L - Score 5: (2 of Bottom 3 correct)
6. TtownIdolfan - Score 3 (2 of Bottom 3 correct)

Again, Allison will alter these scores tomorrow based on her information . . . however, for right now, Rubbertoe is in first kickin it West Coast Style! :)

P.S. Can I just shout out a little "TeeHee" that Ms. KLC was actually SAFE! I know I didn't pick it, but I was very happy. It's weird how some of these people get under my skin, but I have kind of grown to heart her... Not in the same way I HEART JASON CASTRO . . . but, in a I just love her spunk kind of way . . .

Holla at an Idol fan!


1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

I agree that Chikeze should have stayed for a couple more weeks. He has an infectious personality....and I love his storyline.....

Also...glad to see that you share my admiration for Jason. I was said to see him in the bottom 3....the cuteness was looking a little freaked out. I'm afraid he won't be around for much longer.

I was shocked Syesha was in the bottom 3 again. She did not deserve to be there the last two weeks....maybe it is her creepy baby cry that is turning people feeling is that she just hasn't connected with the younger and mid America audiences. I suspect that she does well in the larger cities, but is not getting the rural, southern and young vote that often propels people in the competition.

Ramiele is interesting because I think she has a fairly strong base keeping her in. They'll stay with her as long as she does OK....if she has a really off week I don't think they are strong enough to keep her in.

Unfortunately, I heard next week is Country week....which means only 1 thing for sure......KLC will survive another week......argh!

I'm guessing it will be Dolly/mentor. I was hoping for an all-Dolly week but it looks like a generic country music theme.

Too bad....I was hoping to hear the cuteness singing "Why'd you come in here lookin like that"....but I suspect that Brooke will do "love is like a butterfly".