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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

L&K Top 11 (term used loosely!) performances

Okay...well, maybe a second week of Lennon-McCartney was not a good idea! Here are the performance notes and rankings from L&K:

First up K:

1. David A. - Sounded really good, but also was the appropriate emotional connection with the song

2. David C.: While the judges are thinking he should vary it up - I thought it was again one of the most genuine performances of the night and not just show filler.

3. Amanda: Again, while a repeat of previous performances - at least it was an enjoyable and enthusiastic performance! (Is she the only one not quaking in her boots when talking to the judges??)

4. Jason C. - Likable enough performance - but lacked energy

5. Carly - Big ol' voice, but bizarre performance, and constantly lies about her $2mil record deal...

6. Brooke - Although it defies reason - an even more bizarre performance than Carly's, and her irritating post song babble killed any good will I had for her performance.

7. Ramiele - Nothing astoundingly bad, pretty good actually - but somehow makes even the uptempo songs seem twice as long.

8. Chickezie - I loved Taylor when he was "on" - but this was like the ghost of Taylor on his worst "drunken uncle at wedding nights"!

9. Michael J - Damn! That was some schizophrenic, lyric swapping, awfulness!

10. Syesha - (See Ramiele above) Again, while not 100% excruciating, the moments of melisma and harpy-like shrieks killed it for me. While I appreciate the boobalicious display - it reeked of desperation.

11. Kristy Lee - She gutted that melody like a fish. I think she's toast, if the lead-off, kiss of death spot doesn't sink Amanda.

K's bottom three: Michael Johns, Syesha, Kristy Lee - with Kristy Lee going home. Of course MJ won't go, and they need Syesha's assets for the tour ;) Kristy is back to shoveling out the stables.

And now, here is L's rundown:

1. David A. - great all the way around - he had SOOO much pressure to do well this week and he nailed it for me. Beautiful interpretation of the song!

2. Rocker David - excellent! Loved the White Snake arrangement of the song, and I think DC gets better each week workin' the camera - I know he's singing to me!

3. Amanda - I know I am probably in the minority on this one - but she knows what works for her, and she looked great, and she looks like she is having fun - loved it.

4. Jason C - a little bit quirky and silly for me - but good song choice for him.

5. Chickezie - loved the mixing up of this song, and to me, he really has one of the more interesting male voices in the competition. I think he also understands how to use the camera when he sings. Harmonica bit was fun!

6. Carly - Okay - well, she has a good voice, but uhhh...what did she do to 'Blackbird'?? Didn't like it much at all - I think she tried to rock it up a bit and it just isn't that kind of song. She also gets bad marks in my book for the snarky post song comments.

7. Ramiele - fun for her - glad to see her uptempo. Not a spectacular performance by any means, but not as bad as the ones below her either.

8. Brooke - goofy, silly, and she seemed uncomfortable to me without her guitar or piano. I think she totally was out of her element. I hate yellow!

9. Aussie Mike - ugh...just not good here. Strange song choice I thought - and he doesn't have the range to pull it off. Another song where I think he misinterpreted the meaning and the spirit of the song.

10. Kristy Lee - well - this could have been a tie for last place, but she just eeked by Syesha a bit. Same as above with Mike - she just didn't get the song - and sounded off key to me.

11. Syesha - first, let me say beautiful dress (the only one the stylists got right this week). But she wrecked "Yesterday" - bad, just bad.

L's bottom three: Aussie Mike, Kristy Lee, and Syesha. I think Syesha will go home...though Kristy probably should.

Whew!! Sorry for the long post guys :)

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J said...

I think that we are suffering because we are not watching together. We are not usually this far off of each other. :( But, it is fun to see what we think all written out in blog form. Did you see our massive jump during the show! We rule!