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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Aussie Mike and Irish Carly FLAT OUT ROCK THE HOUSE!

We come from a land down unda . . . next up is, Aussie Mike. A little bit of info from mum and dad! Singing, "We are the Champions". Starts off with a rockin rendition of "We will rock you" which merges into "We are the Champions". Not even gonna mince words here . . . THAT WAS ABSOFRACKINLUTELY AMAZING! He rocked the house! No one is even close. Potentially one of the best performances of anyone the entire season.

Randy thought he FINALLY connected with the right song. Paula was so struck by his performances . . . or something . . . to speak clearly (I don't blame her). Simon thinks he finally connected, and is the first time that he saw "star".

Nothing else to say. No adjectives can enhance how wonderful this performance was. Finally!

Ms. Carly is next with "Total Eclipse of the Heart". And once again . . . BRILLIANT! Not a lot to say here. She was on key and to quote the winner of Project Runway "THAT WAS FIERCE".

Randy . . . didn't like it, and thought she was off key at the end (Did Jason C. give Randy some of the skank weed tonight?). Paula thinks she was terrific (strangely, I have found Paula to be spot on, KLC not withstanding, for most of this season. Simon agreed with Randy . . . what is in that coke cup.

Ugh on the judges!

By far the best twosome of the night! Hands down!

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L&K said...

Loved the Aussie Mike performance! He did shy away from a power note that he could have gotten I think, but overall - a much more interesting and energized performance ;)

Carly - it was pretty good for me...until the last part. I think it was a mistake to try to rock it out there - I would have liked to have seen her take it back down to a whisper. Just me, but thought that might be a more powerful ending? (they stylists still don't like her)