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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

KLC survives another week

All kinds of interesting idol news this week:

. Josiah Lemming gets signed by Warner Brothers records . Rumors that "idol gives back" will bring back 5 contestants to compete for an idol tour wildcard

Chickeze - everything that we dislike about him....nothing we like. Lost his charm...dated bland performance

Ramiele - my high hopes for her are fading. I thought it was a great song choice until she performed it. I agree with the judges that the song was too big for her. The slower parts were too low for her range

KLC - will only get saved by her brilliant choice to pick a song that will appeal to her base and the "patriotic heartland". Her performance was lackluster and paled in comparison to Randy Travis. If she would have just done something interesting with the song

Brooke - Where lesser contestants would have gotten dinged for messing up at the beginning....she gets praised and called a pro. I really like her voice and she's a beautiful girl....but this performance to me ranks as one of her lowest

Castro - Charming as ever. The boy is cuter than cute....and he was definitely in his element. Unfortunately it provided little more than that...solid but not charismatic performance

Syesha - Looking more beautiful each week. And really beginning to grow into her element. This was definitely her best performance in my book...if she continues to grow, she could make it to the top 5....its a stretch.

Little David - Strange song....never heard it....but I liked it. I think he could have pulled it off more with a little better stage presence. Simon hit it on the was a Disney theme park performance...but you gotta love him...he just gets more and more adorable

Carly - The judges got this one wrong....way wrong. Carly was ON last night. I thought it was the perfect song choice for her. The only thing I can say about Carly though is that she lacks the star factor. I can't see who her fan base is....she's like a really good "Art Film".....appreciated by those that see it....but is never going to be a summer blockbuster

Michael Johns - The only complaint I have is that they shouldn't have let him do two songs. I think that was a little unfair and gave him the opportunity to do a little rocknroll and a little ballad.....However, that said....he was amazing last night. Perfect fit for him and he looked like a superstar.

David Cook - Officially the one to beat now (if he doesn't get too smug).
The guy has the voice, the performance, the personality, the smile...if he plays his cards one can stop him

Something I thought was interesting: Just to show that I admit when I am wrong.....this is what I wrote about David Archuletta at the beginning of the season:

The BEST storyline of the night.....the kid with the paralyzed vocal chord (and did you notice that he was from my hometown - Murray Utah?) Ok OK....I know that some of my colleagues here are going to say that they KNEW that I would like him.....because he was adorable (a bit young at 16 though).....but the kid actually had a pretty good voice.....he won't make it very far in the competition....but he has a compelling story and is a cute kid....which plays into the AI rating plan.....of course there will be a story about him in Hollywood...before ultimately he ends up in the room of contestants getting cut...... (I didn't even have him making it through Hollywood week....!)

Who SHOULD be in the bottom 3: Chikeze, KLC, Ramiele Who WILL be in the bottom 3: Chikeze, Ramiele and Jason (It will be interesting to see who's fan base is stronger. I have a gut feeling that Carly might be in the bottom 3 because of small fan base as discussed above....if Jason isn't there it will be because he has a strong base)

Who will be eliminated: Chikeze. While it should be KLC, her lackluster boring performance will appeal to her base and she survives to torment us for another week.



Allison said...

Hey Robert! We need to ask -- Is it ok to post on the performances/results before the West Coast sees the show?

Rubbertoe said...

Absolutely.....even if I happened to see something...I wouldn't care...but generally I don't look until the next day.
I made the mistake a couple years back of knowing Mandisa was getting cut, because I saw it on Yahoo....before the show aired....on one level, it was nice not to be shocked.

I actually enjoyed J's liveblog (which I read afterthefact)....I just might check it out next week...if he does it again....before the show so I can preview what's coming.

I have a friend in Chicago that will usually call me and tell me the night was either really good or HORRIBLE....but he generally won't go into specifics....

Anyway...thanks for checking though!