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Sunday, March 23, 2008

When were the baby idols birthed?

Ok, folks. As mentioned in an earlier post, the theme for this week's idol performers in songs from the year you were born. Now, the folks over at have provided us fans with a list of contestants birth years and a link to the number one songs of that year. I must admit, I heaved a sigh of relief at 35 years old when I saw that at least one contestant - one Mr. Aussie Mike - had a birthday that predates 1980. Whew! Anway, below, I will provide a copy of the contestants and their birth years. If you click the link above, you can find the songs that were number one in each of their birth years. I feel certain that those of us at a little taste of idol will all have time in our busy days :) to look at the link and provide a guess or a wish for what our fearless contestants will perform. Let us know what y'all think they will perform OR what you wish they would perform!

David Archuleta - December 28, 1990
Jason Castro - March 25, 1987
Chikezie Eze - September 11, 1985
David Cook - December 20, 1982
Kristy Lee Cook - January 14, 1984
Michael Johns - October 20, 1978
Ramiele Malubay - September 6, 1987
Syesha Mercado - January 2, 1987
Carly Smithson - September 12, 1983
Brooke White - June 2, 1983

Oh, btw, can I go ahead and throw out a request for David Cook to sing "Devil Inside" by INXS which I think (**fingers crossed**) was released in 1982. :)

And finally, a BIG HOLLA goes out to K for providing a little taste of idol with our new art work. Mr. K is rockin good when it comes to the technological shizz! Rock on wit yo technologically adept self! :)

Hope y'all sleep well!


Allison said...

The Idol Artwork is cool! Thanks Kevin!

L&K said...

I am so glad y'all loved it! It was fun to do :)

hey, we are closing in on 1000!! How exciting :)