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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LA blogger Crashing your party

Hey guys:

I feel like I am crashing your party......but Alison invited me so I accepted the invitation:
I got the link last week and loved reading all of your comments....I always find it interesting when people rally behind somebody that I can't happened in season 5 with Taylor...again in season 6 with Phil......last year I was pretty much alone amongst my crew in my love for Sanjaya......he still makes me smile whenever I see him....anyone, I promise to not be too rowdy in crashing your party. Thanks for the invite are my thoughts:

OK....with all the great Beatles songs out there.....the story of last night was bad song selection. C'mon Castro.....WHAT were you thinking.......
From the best to the worst:
1. David Cook - I am soon have to reprise my front runner here. I agreed with Simon that it was not as good as last week....that he is in danger of getting a little predictable....that the performance was more than just a little bit smug....and that it wasn't as good as David thought it was still the best performance of the night. Two things I love about David: His stage presence and his smile.
2. David Archuletta - I hate to sound like a recording of the judges...but the only complaint that I had was he played it too safe. He looked a little uncomfortable (probably worrying about forgetting the words again).Two things I love about David: His incredible voice and his adorable humility and shyness.
3. Carly Smithson - I disagreed with Simon here. I loved her arrangement of Blackbird. I thought it really gave her the opportunity to show off some of the qualities of her voice. What I love about Carly: The Celine Dion qualities in her voice. What I don't like about her: The strange faces she is difficult to watch her.
4. Syesha - Yesterday was a great song choice for her. I agreed with was very good....not GREAT....but definitely Syesha's best performance....and she looked incredible last night. The thing I like and dislike about Syesha is the she is a "good" performer. Good...but just not great.
5. Michael Johns - His performance was not as bad as the judges made it sound. Especially watching the recap.....compared to most of the others he was not bad. However, there wasn't anything that really stood out about the performance. What I love about Michael: What can I say, the guy is HOT!He is fun to watch because he is so attractive. What I don't like about him is his incredible ability to underwhelm week after week. He was my #2 choice to win.....I now place him around #4.
6. Jason Castro - On one hand I hated the performance....on another....I Loved it. It was just so goofy....but as Simon says....he has a face that makes it work. I agree with Simon that if you heard that without seeing him you would turn it off....however, he is so affecting that you can't help but like the guy. What I love about Jason is his charm, his beautiful eyes and his smile. What I don't like about Jason is his lack of oomph......I would like to see him really nail a song one week.
7. Brooke - All I can say about last night's performance is it was certainly "sunny". It was light and cheesy....her voice was good....but she looked incredibly awkward. Didn't like the dress and thought the entire performance verged on bizarre.....especially the "whoooooo".....They need to work with her on performance if she is going to make the top 5.What I like about her: She's beautiful and has a very good voice. What I don't like about her is....unless she is behind the piano or guitar....she is an awkward performer.
8. Ramiele - Last night's performance was a little strange. Maybe it was the hat......her voice was good....but ...I don't know.....there was something I can't put my finger on....all I can say is it was a little strange. What I love about Ramiele - Her Voice..... What I don't like about her is the strangeness factor (from her her timidness)
9. Chikeze - I agreed with Randy....I thought the second portion of the song was actually quite good, the first half was horrible. Simon thought just the opposite....and I liked the harmonica. What I like about Chikeze is his style when he is ON.....What I dislike about him is when he is off.....he is OFF. He is just too inconsistent.
10. Amanda - Not as good as last week. Reverted back to her one note wonder mode. She talked about selling out local bar in Rawleigh (or something like that).....That is about the level of her talent.What I like about her....not a lot.....I guess her Jolpin-esque qualities....what I don't like....her inability to get beyond that.
11. Christy Lee Cook - Ok....if she doesn't go home this week, I can't imagine why. I thought last week's performance was her worst.....until this week. She performed like she knew her days were numbered. What I like about Christy Cook.....hmmm.....really nothing.
Bottom Three: This was a weird week.....because I don't necessarily think that those who deserve to be there....will be there.....
I'm going to say: Christy Lee Cook, Ramiele and Chikeze....with an outside chance that Syesha might be there (despite my #4 placement this week). I think Amanda should be there...but I think she has too much of a fan base.
Who should go home: Christy CookWho will go home: Christy Cook......I can't imagine any scenario where she doesn't go home this week.


Allison said...

Hi Robert! I am so glad you joined us. I don't know if you have ready all of the way back on our posts, but we credit you and your list-serv as the inspiration for the blog. Free free to post and comment all you want!


J said...

Hey Robert! Welcome to our little blog! I'm glad that you accepted Allison's invitation to join :) Looking forward to reading your comments . . . especially the snarky ones :) Looks like we agree on most of the peeps . . . voices of Lil David, Brooke, and Carly . . . David C's stage presence, and of course . . . the HOTNESS that is Aussie Mike! Welcome!

L&K said...

Hey Robert! Welcome from L&K - this will be so much fun this year to have all of us blogging and commenting :)