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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 12 Week

Wow and wow again! I can't remember a better night for the top 12. I think that Lennon/McCartney songbook proves that a good song makes all of the difference.

My dear friend Josh has left an EXTREMELY detailed post about the performances so I won't rehash, but I will talk for a minute about my favorites of the night (in no particular order)

Can we say hello David Cook? I think that David Cook is more Daughtry than Chris Daughtry was at this point in Season 5. Even before Paula said it, David Cook was my dark horse favorite to win. I think that the Daughtry fans from season 5 will come out to support this rocker in droves to avenge Daughtry's early exit.

Super sweet Brooke. I just love her and I feel for her with the powerful emotions that overwhelmed her because of the incredible moment. Josh said that he read an interview with Ricky Minor (Josh post the link if you still have it!) where he says that she really know what she wants to convey as a musician and wants to keep the "singer/songwriter vibe" going. I think she is here until at least top 5 at this point.

Carly FINALLY brought her A game. Great song, great arrangement. Although you know she has sung that song about 1000 times, it was really good and showcased her superb voice.

Biggest surprise of the night: Incredible performance by Chikeze! Wow what a difference a week can make. We had all but written him off last week and now I think that he will be in until top 7 or 8 now.

Biggest disappointment of the night: Cute little David A. Man -- although he will make it through tonight without any problem, another performance like tonight may give him a much earlier exit that most folks imagined.

My middle of the pack could have been top performances from other seasons Top 12 week. Love Jason Castro. Aussie Mike had a solid performance but with some many exceptional singers last night, he landed in the middle of my rankings.

My predictions for bottom 3: Ramiele, David H., Syesha (because of her #1 slot and a not very memorable song).

My prediction to go home: Ramiele

Josh, Lisa and I have having a little contest among friends. Once Lisa approves the rules, we'll post the details on the blog. (No Florida or Michigan controversy here!)

Done for now --

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