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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Top 11: More Beatles . . . The rankings

I will go in the vain of Ttown idol fan, and list my rankings for the night. I'm a little obsessive with the idol, so give me a little leeway here. I gave an initial rank . . . and then, I thought about how diverse our idols are. So, I went back and watched the performances again. This second go around produced a rank for singing . . . a rank for performance . . . and an overall performance. I did this because . . . well, I'm a dork . . . but also because some idols are better performers, some are better singers, and some are the best of both worlds. So, here it goes . . .

1. Lil David
2. Carly
3. Syesha
4. Rocker David (Big Space here)
5. Jason (Space)
6. Aussie Mike (Space)
7. Chekzie
8. Brooke (Big Space)
9. Kristy Lee Cook (Space)
10. Ramiele (Space)
11. Amanda

1. David Cook
2. David A.
3. Carly
4. Syesha (Big Space)
5. Aussie Mike (Space)
6. Jason (Space)
7. Amanda
8. Brooke
9. Chekezie (Big Space)
10. Kristy Lee Cook
11. Ramiele

1. Lil David
2. Carly
3. Rocker David
4. Syesha (Big Space Here)
5. Jason
6. Aussie Mike
7. Brooke (Space)
8. Chekezie (Big Space)
9. Amanda
10. Kristy Lee Cook
11. Ramiele

As you can see, most people ranked around the same, but there were some differences. I ranked Amanda last in singing, but seventh in performance. I think that David Cook was the performer, but Little David was the best singer. Overall, I think Little David's singing was a touch better than David Cook's performance. A little OCD, trust me it is the only way I am OCD, but it works for me. I'm gonna hold off on picking an official bottom three. There are several people I think could go to the bottom three . . . most of whom did not make my overall bottom three. America and I are often not on the same page. Predictions and Play by Play to follow.

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