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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pearl Heart Really Doesn't Want The Sun to Go Down on Them!

Pearl Heart is the other half of the Bottom Two. I just don't know what to write. I'm so utterly disappointed in the 14 voters who bothered to call in. I mean, I know they went first, but SERIOUSLY. They have gotten better each week . . . and they started in a not so bad position. I will tell you now . . . I will buy their album/cd/etc. I say this now, because I know that they are going home. Ashlee Hewitt is pretty, blonde, did not go first, and talented. That beats the sister act who can rip through some harmonies. . .

They are going to sing "Don't let the sun go down" . . . I think . . . I missed the title. During their mentor session, Jeff suggests that they do some funky things with the guitars and the harmonies. Jeff thinks that this could be their defining performance . . . It could be REALLY GOOD or REALLY SCREWED UP.

Here they go . . . OH MY-LANTA! IN A GOOD FREAKIN WAY! WOW! Their harmonies were completely tight, and their guitar playing was wonderful. As good as I think they have always been, this is the first time where I truly believe they are a VIABLE GROUP. The first time I think they could sell records both on the radio and on stage. Just incredible.

John Rich thought they were wonderful and did not deserve to be in the bottom two. Jewel was much more blatant by saying that she thought Laura and Sophie should be in the bottom two and not Pearl Heart. Further, she mentioned that their guitar playing was wonderful. Jeff is so upset they are in the bottom two, but thinks they totally nailed it.

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