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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Next To Be Safe: Gabe Wants Somebody Like You

Who's next among the contestants to be safe? If we had one from John Rich's group to go first, we should expect a male or one of the groups to go next.

From Jewel's team, Gabe Garcia!

Hooray! He was simply glorious last week! He is the most authentically country, and seems to be getting better each week.

In his mentor session, Jewel wants Gabe to flirt with the audience. She wants him to REALLY CONNECT . . . work the stage . . . basically make the audience think he's a hottie!

Gabe's gonna sing a little Keith Urban ditty, "Somebody Like You". Here he goes . . . as per usual, the vocals are overall on target. . . sometimes it seems like he is straining a bit in his upper register, but overall a VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE! He performed the song, and made a better attempt at connecting with the audience. He still has some authenticity issues, but I think he is definitely getting a contract . . . no matter where he finishes.

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