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Monday, July 21, 2008

Nashville Star: The Top 5 Perform . . . Coffey Is Seriously A Southern Man

It's time for the Final Five on Nashville Star. We're down to five finalists - Two Guys - Coffey & Gabe Garcia AND three girls - Shaun, Melissa, and Ashlee. They will all be performing songs they penned themselves.

BRC wants us to "get this party started".

Once again, we begin this show with me saying WTF . . . as Coffey is up first. He is singing a song he wrote called "Southern Man" . . . Strangely awkward song . . . his vocals are better this week, and he seems much more relaxed. By FAR his best performance.

Jeff - Wanted to hate it, but didn't.
John - Didn't think the song was a hit song on country radio. . . but thought the performance was good.
Jewel - thought the song was about him and that's why people are gonna vote for him.

Thankfully Jewel is telling us why people are voting for him because I have never really been clear. However, I will say again, his best performance by far.

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