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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Final Two . . . Will Ashlee or Shaun Head to the House?

The final two performers tonight are Ashlee Hewitt and Shaun Mayer.

Ashlee Hewitt is up first singing her original ditty, "Mike's Hard Lemonade". She calls it a little bit nasty, but she's comfortable with it. She has been looking forward to this night the entire time.

She just sounds wonderful. Like Coffey, this is by far her BEST performance. She sounds comfortable and her stage presence is, as per usual, on target. For the first time, I'm totally into her voice. She sounds kind of like a more country version of Jewel. I'm impressed.

Jewel - She thinks that Ashlee is, above everyone else, an artist. She loved the song, and wants to write songs for her when she records.
Jeff - Ditto his other comments. He just thinks that everyone is more talented than he would have ever anticipated.
John - Thinks that no matter what happens, Nashville would be a fool not to give her a recording contract.

I don't know if I would go as far as Jewel . . . I think Gabe and Melissa are both artists as much, if not more so than Ashlee. However, I guess we've got to cut Jewel a break here, she is talking to the girl who is almost EXACTLY her spitting image.

Shaun Mayer is up next, and I think Jeff Steele has worked with her so much better than John Rich. She just seems to blossom under his tutelage. She is also singing her own original tune tonight, "I'm Not Looking Back".

I will say this . . . probably not the best performance of the night . . .BUT, this is clearly the one song out of all five where she absolutely FEELS the lyrics. Clearly, the one performance that was from the heart. Excellent!

John - Thinks that she has knocked it out of the park the past two weeks. If she goes this week it is bad timing.
Jewel - Mentions the Lisa Marie Presley connection again. Liked her.
Jeff - Just completely loved her performance and her phrasing throughout the song.


Here comes the BRC with the recap and the inevitable massive silence of elimination . . . Who is going home?

Ashlee Hewitt is hitting the road, jack. BRC thinks she is a star waiting to happen. Again, she was the first to perform last week . . . seems to be a complete hex.

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