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Monday, July 14, 2008

Nashville Star: We're Going From Six To Four Tonight . . . I Think . . .

It's time for another episode of Nashville Star.

I'm still reeling a bit from last week's episode . . . The Pearl Heart is gone . . . and "others" remain . . . yikes . . .

So, anyway, here comes the BRC and his teleprompter lines delivered with such . . . er . . . um, gusto.

BRC tells us that we are about to hear who is the first to be safe for the night . . . Hmmm . . . they must be doing the eliminations a little differently this evening.

The first to be safe tonight is . . . Ashlee Hewitt.

Not a big surprise here. A pattern seems to have emerged where the person who is in the bottom two is safe the next week . . . and the first person to be safe is the person in the bottom two the next week.

Ashlee is going to sing "Cowboy, take me away" . . . I think this is a Dixie Chicks song . . . I'm not quite sure. Ashlee is excited to be the first to be selected. I wonder if it will make her vulnerable next week. Here she goes . . . Wow, as per usual, her stage presence is just rocking. She just looks so natural on stage. I just wish that her vocals matched her stage presence. Man, her vocals are all over the place. The guitar playing is on target, her stage presence is immaculate . . . her vocals are just not quite there.

The judges like her: Jewel is a fan and likes how she uses her . . . er, um . . . crack . . . her vocal crack, that is. Jeff Steele didn’t like her last week, but thought she was back (minus a few iffy notes) this week . . . John Rich, of course, thought that she brought poppies, and lilies, and daisies to the stage . . . he hearts her hardcore . . . .

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