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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Laura and Sophie . . . Are Just So Happy to be Here . . .

The next to be safe is . . . OH MY-LANTA! Laura & Sophie . . . SERIOUSLY! I have no issue with these girls on a personal level. I think they are sweet and cute and have some talent . . . however, they are out of their league in this competition. They need to be molded . . . and taken to small venues . . . and NOT BE ON THIS BIG STAGE . . . To be honest, I have forgotten what song they sang. Ok, they're harmonies are the weensiest bit better tongiht. They are still flat for the most part . . . and, they are still quite awkward on stage. Yikes, note to young, innocent looking performers . . . DO NOT TRY TO ACT SEXY ON STAGE . . . it just looks creepy. Jewel does not think they belong here. John Rich thinks they are not right for this competition, and need to go home. I am with him until he begins to lean towards the personal attacks rather than the vocal ones. Jeff still thinks they have some talent, but they need to REALLY WORK!

I still can't believe they are still here. . . .

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