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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nashville Star: The Final 8 . . . Surely America Will Get This Right . . . Right?

Its Nashville Star, y'all! Here comes La Cyrus to wow us with his monotone stylings . . . The thing is, I really like BRC . . . I just wish he would stop reading off the teleprompter. He's so much better when he adlibs. Remember who you are, BRC. You are the reason your daughter is a billion dollar industry!

Anyhoo, tonight, we will be deleting two more from our midst. Y'all know I have not been shy . . . particularly last week about who I think needs to go . . . Coffey and Laura & Sophie. Seriously, y'all they need to go. However, having not watched Nashville Star before, I gotta assume that we are due for an upset here.

Here we go. They are gonna complete the first elimination by pulling out the top vote getter and the lowest vote getter - circa last week. Tonight, they pull out Melissa Lawson and Sailor Tommy. Surely, we know the result here. I'm a bit disappointed that one of my bottom two is not out there right now. I think we're in for a wild ride folks.

(Insert drumroll here) Melissa Lawson is . . . the top vote getter. Which means, Sailor Tommy's pimpage last week did not have the affect I had anticipated. . . I'm beginning to wonder if we are experiencing low voter turn outs on this show . . . I mean, considering that the show is only pulling in about 5-6 million viewers per week. Maybe with lower vote totals, those who have REALLY STRONG contingents are ending up higher on the totem poll . . . oh well, who knows.

First up, Melissa Lawson is singing Danny’s Song. As per usual, I'm not immediatley familiar from the title, but I'm sure I'll get it when she starts to sing. Her mentor session with John Rich begins with him telling us that La Lawson has lost 70 lbs, and . . . John Rich thinks she’s hot. Here she goes . . . Wow, her understated vocals in the beginning are just amazing. She sounds vulnerable, yet passionate. Excellent! Brills! Lower register to high register. . . simply amazing. I worry that the song was a little understated and that she went first and that the voters know she was the top vote getter. I only say that because over the past few weeks, the person who goes first has had some trouble staying out of the bottom two . . . hope that she is not a victim of this trend. She was just great.

Laura and Sophie – SERIOUSLY – They’re fighting . . . and crying . . . “I go out walking”. Better than last week . . . the vocals were better . . . the look is better . . . but they are still not getting it yet. Agree with John Rich. . . . until he attacked them personally. Jewel agrees.

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