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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Archuleta in High School Musical 3?

Alright, y'all . .

This story is from about a month ago . . . it was the most recent story I could find. So, it appears that the Insider is reporting that the folks over at Disney have recognized the utter adorablility that exists in our little David. . . . and they're hankering for him to do a cameo in the much anticipated High School Musical 3. We all understand that this cameo could be a difficult endeavor to pull off . . . the Idol Machine does not like to let go of it's talent when it is on tour and, more importantly, under contract. However, rumor has it that all involved think that it will come to fruition.

Makes perfect sense because if there is one thing that Simon Lythgoe and Simon Cowell understand it is the value of a buck. . . . and, this move could be quite lucrative for the Idol Machine, as well as our Lil David. Click the link to read the whole story.

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