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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bottom Two: IS AMERICA SERIOUS!???

Seriously . . . Pearl Heart and Ashlee Hewitt are the bottom 2 . . . SERIOUSLY! For the love of Tamyra Grey, Latoya London, Chris Daughtry, and Melinda Doolittle, what in the heck is going on. I’m once again wondering if there are just too few voters, and therefore, the contestants with the big voting bases (e.g. come from towns, counties, and states where they are more likely too vote), are always gonna get through. They don’t ever tell us how many votes were cast. . . . Just a thought . . . Anyhoo, tonight IMO, one of the top 3 acts is getting voted off. . . . AND two of the Top Four acts are in the Bottom Three!

First of the bottom two to perform . . . Ashlee Hewitt . . . John Rich wants her to sing, “Take the Money and Run” Steve Miller Band . . . she’s uncomfortable with the song . . . and states that she is more of a hippee chick . . . Anyone else noticed that John Rich seems to not be listening to his mentees . . . He seems to always think his opinion is better. I understand that he is a big time producer and performer, but there is something to be said for listening to the performer . . . who has performed . . . and may know themselves . . . just a wee bit.

Here she goes. As per usual, her stage presence is stellar. She is sooooooo comfortable on stage and it totally shows. However, her vocals, for me, continue to be a bit iffy . . . at times she seems as if she is going to just crack . . . However, her stage presence out weighs her vocals. . .

One of Jewel’s favorites, took a minute to get started, but a good artist. Jeff didn’t like it. He loves her, but just didn't get it. John liked the bare feet . . . foot fetish anyone J . . . he thinks there was a mathematical error and that she shouldn’t be in the bottom 2. I agree.

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