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Monday, July 14, 2008

Official Top 6 Rankings!

Alright, this week was a wee better than most on the entertainment mecca that is Nashville Star!

Here are my rankings . . .

1. Melissa Lawson - By a longshot . . . she is still the Queen of this Kingdom!
2. Gabe Garcia - He's so authentic . . . so vocally amazing.
3. Shaun Mayer - She took a shot by doing such a contemporary song . . . but she did a very, very good rendition.
4. Ashlee Hewitt - Her stage presence continues to rule, but her vocals are not improving . . .
5. Coffey - He retains his usual place on this list. He was better this week, but just not good enough. He seems like a nice guy, but he should not still be on this list.

Eliminated Laura and Sophie would have been ranked 5th on this list. They were better, but not great . . . but better than Coffey.

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