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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pimpin The Judges . . . And Gabe Garcia Kicks It Country Style

Next up, our judges perform. It appears as if all three of our judges are going to perform some of their hits and then their gonna kick it country style together. First up, Jewel sings her non-country hits. Jeff Steele sings some of his songs, and now, we're saving horse by riding a cowboy. And we're done . . .

Gabe Garcia is the next to be through to the Top 4, and he is singing his original song, "Lost Weekend". He seems more and more confident each week. I'm wishing good things for him tonight.

Mr. Garcia does not disappoint. This song, much like Melissa Lawson's, could be released on the radio right now and be a hit. In fact, this song is a wee bit better put together than Melissa's. However, I will say that neither one of them (Gabe and Melissa) will be lost after this show is complete. Excellent!

Jeff - Ruining his critiques! Great work and great lyrics.
John - Liked it as well, and thinks it could be a big hit. He is cautioning him to remember that his connection with the audience is still a problem.
Jewel - Liked it, but wants to make sure that he understands that originality is important.

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