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Monday, July 14, 2008

America Loves That Baby, Melissa Lawson!

We’re down to Shaun Mayer, Melissa Lawson, and Laura and Sophie. Apparently, two of them are safe and one will be going home. Much like last week, I have a bad feeling here . . .

Melissa Lawson is up next . . . Thank goodness America got this one right. She’s singing “My Baby Loves Me”. Wow, this girl is really about three steps above everyone else. She looks amazing . . . she sounds amazing . . . she’s gotten a hold of her nerves . . . nothing to say except that we are looking at the next big thing in country music . . . just phenomenal.

Jewel was a little worried about the song selection, but thinks she just blew it away. Jewel thought she controlled her vocals and did a great job. Jeff Steele thinks she over sang it. He thinks that she needs to tone it down a bit, and hopes that America doesn’t forget to vote for her because they assume that she is safe. John Rich agrees and thinks that her performance was overkill. Melissa Lawson, LOVES IT, tells John Rich that she loves him, but that he was the one who told her to “kill it” and she kinda thinks she did. I HEART her for standing up . . . without sounding bitchy.

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