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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nashville Star's Shawn Mayer Takes A Quick Trip Back Home

Iowa Newspaper, The Spencer Daily Reporter has released a full length story on Nashville Star contestant, Shawn Mayer. This week on Nashville Star, the contestants are headed back to the house. Each of the Top 4 will return home for much fanfair, many parades, and lots of baby kissin!

This story focuses on Shawn and her path through Nashville Star. La Mayer does not seem terribly confident that she will win this competition . . . then, she back tracks a bit and basically says it is anybody's ballgame.

Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, Coffey, and La Mayer will perform two songs on Monday night. One will be voted off and the remaining three will perform in the Nashville Star finale.

Click the link to read the entire story.

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