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Monday, July 14, 2008

Gabe Garcia Is Definitely Doing Something Right!

The next finalist who avoids obscurity . . . for right now . . . is Gabe Garcia.

I'm soooo glad! The Garcia was so very good last week. Perhaps, the only truly authentically country singer on this show. I don't think he is destined to win, but I do think he is destined to get a recording contract.

He’s performing “Must Be Doing Something Right” He’s singing this for his ex-girlfriend . . . not sure that he was or she’d probably still be his girlfriend . . . anyway . . . here he goes. . . uh oh, the judges may think this is boring, but I think that he is just brills . . . just amazing . . . his vocals are so solid! His stage presence is so much better tonight. Still not where I think he could be, but I do think he is improving each week. I just get the feeling that he is so very genuine. Another thing, he performance illustrates just how shaky Ashlee’s vocals actually were. Very very good.

The judges agree. Jewel thinks his vocals were great, but wants him to continue to up the level of audience seduction. John Rich thinks that Jewel kind of digs him . . . and Garcia does say that Jewel's boyfriend gave him his belt buckle . . . John and Jeff both think that Garcia is authentic and just wonderful . . . they kind of heart him too . . . In fact, I think John Rich probably wants him to go all the way . . . If he doesn't, I'm betting that John Rich records with Garcia.

Huh, it looks like we are only eliminating one act this week. They said we were eliminating two . . . in fact the info button on the cable tells us they are going from six to four this week . . . hmmm feels like something is amiss at the Circle K . . . I wonder if the brass at NBC didn't like who one of the acts were being eliminated and decided to axe the double elimination . . . just a thought.

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