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Monday, July 14, 2008

Elimination . . . Laura & Sophie Harmonize AND Shaun Mayer Is Gonna Screw Up Somebody's Ride

Here comes Laura and Sophie and Shaun Mayer . . . which one will go home . . .

Laura and Sophie are up first . . . they look much more grown up tonight AND in fact the one girl . . . I can’t figure out which one she is . . . looks just like Miley Cyrus . . . hmmm . . . vocals are MUCH better tonight and they seem to be performing much better. The harmonies were tighter. Much, much better tonight.

To start off, John Rich wants to know why these girls were disrespectful and rolled their eyes at Jewel. One of the girls . . . I can’t remember which . . . said that a lot of people told her that she rolled her eyes but she didn’t know she had done it. Jewel suggests that perhaps she had a seizure and maybe she could go ahead and do it a bunch right now to get it out of her system. Anyway, Jewel thinks that they looked better and that they performed better, but doesn’t think that their harmonies are improving. John Rich doesn’t comment anymore. Jeff Steele is proud of the job that they did and thinks they look better but is not thrilled with their performance. . . . The girls are clearly not thrilled with their remarks . . .

In their defense, I know . . . I know . . . I’m not usually one to defend them, but . . . if I had to stand up on stage every week and get railed on, my face might occasionally betray me. . . The girls were definitely better tonight.

Shaun Mayer is up next . . . and George Jones is in the audience . . . I’m not sure just how that is relevant to Shaun singing, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. Very, very nice. Great job. She really seems like she is comfortable in her clothes and in her voice.

Jewel loved it, and feels a bond with her. She thought she did a really good job.
John Rich thinks that this is the performance he has been waiting for from her.
Jeff Steele thinks she is a bad ass and brought it all on stage.

Great job!

Here we go with elimination . . . Shaun Mayer is smiling and the girls look bitter . . . after the obligatory eleventy years of silence . . . we find out that the duo of Laura and Sophie are eliminated. The girls clearly look as if they have a bit of a speech prepared . . . they knew it was their time. Jeff Steele thinks they’ve got some raw talent there, and that they need to stay friends and keep working . . .

Next week, they are performing their own original songs . . . that should be interesting.

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