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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5000 and Growing, Y'all!

Hey Y'all!

With all of the shizz going on in this thing I call life right now, I totally forgot to acknowledge our 5000th hit! Holy Shizz! It continues to tickle me to no end that our little blog has been hit up 5000 times . . . actually, right now, we are knock knock knockin on the door of 5200!

So, as it usually goes here at A Little Taste of Idol, I have chosen to post an old school idol clip to commemorate the occasion. I was thinking about all of the famous . . . and infamous . . . Idol performances, and I remembered one that is not often mentioned anymore.

Take a trip down memory lane with me, won't you . . . The year was 2005, and the competition was American Idol IV. The final three performers were Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, and Vonzelle Solomon. A particularly spectacular final three if I am remembering correctly. However, what made this Top 3 stand out for me was that it featured, arguably, one of the boldest moves in Idol history! One Mr. Bo Bice chose to sing the song "In A Dream" . . . . ACAPELLA! IT WAS AMAZING! Thinking back on that performance still gives me a bit of a chill.

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane!

And keep checking in for more Idol and Nashville Star updates!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bo's performance of In a Dream was an unbelievably brave choice. But oh did he pull it off! His searingly hot controlled vocals literally gave me goosebumps. I was mesmerised. Of course Bo had already hooked me by then, but this - well, it blew me away. I don't believe anyone has come close to a performance like this. I pity the fool who tries to go a capella after that!
Thanks for the memories.