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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Coffey Is Cold!

Next to be safe . . . well, so far, we've had 2 from John Rich . . . 1 from Jewel . . . and 1 from Jeff (though with the migration of Shaun Mayer, the John and Jeff numbers are now reversed). Who could it be . . . OH MY-LANTA, part 2 . . . SERIOUSLY! Coffey and Laura & Sophie are BOTH SAFE! SERIOUSLY! HE SANG RIHANNA! UGH!

Anyhoo, he is going to sing . . . errrr, ummm, "Proud Mary" . . . oh lord . . . oh, well, here goes nothing. Ok, so, his vocals are better tonight. Not so much Belinda Carlisle inspired vibratto. However, as he is trying REALLY HARD to work the stage, Coffey ends up REALLY UPPING THE BLUE CHEESE FACTOR! Yikes.

As per usual, all three judges think that there's some good stuff in him, but none of them are buying it. Jewel, of course, is proud that "her boy" is being embraced by America.


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