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Monday, July 21, 2008

Melissa Lawson is Ready To Stand

And, we're back. Who is next to be safe and move on to the top 4. Thank Goodness . . . Melissa Lawson is up next. She only started writing lyrics a few months ago . . . What I hear in the mentor session sounds pretty darn good. She's singing "Ready to Stand" . . . This song is really good in a . . . I will probably go on itunes and download it now . . . kind of way. VERY VERY RADIO FRIENDLY!

Jewel - Thought she did a good job writing a song for her own voice
Jeff - He's mad. He was ready to critique. He can't. She was really great.
John - Is becoming more and more impressed each week. She needs to stay focused, but she is in control.

I think at this point, it doesn't matter whether or not this girl wins . . . she's record contract bound.

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