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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3000 Hits Y'all! Holla

I just checked the counter and we have surpassed 3000 hits. I think it is so cool. A little blog that we started so we could communicate cross country bout Idol shizz has some readers! That rocks! To commemorate the big 3000, I am posting a link to one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Idol performances. Think back . . . the year was 2003 and the finale was Clay and Rueben. On the finale results show, one Ms. Kelly - I AM THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL BITCHES - Clarkson walked on stage and sang "One Voice" with the AI 2 contestants. The performance is great, but what cracks me up is how Kelly out sings the other 12 people on stage. She's like, yo, I don't know who these fools think they are and what they think they are doing, but I'm bout to show them how its done . . . word. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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