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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boo on Boo Finale: Ranking the Performances

So, another Idol Performance Finale has come and gone . . . I feel a bit like a child on Christmas Eve, looking forward to tomorrow, but also kind of dreading it at the same time . . . knowing the let down I will experience . . .

Anyway, here goes with my rankings . . .

1. Lil David - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - For me, perhaps the best performance of the entire season. I say this because Lil David's soaring vocals were FINALLY joined by a performance worthy of being noticed. For whatever reason this boy FELT this song and it's lyrics.


2. Rocker David - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Rocker David tackled this song and just SOLD IT. I thought his vocals were on target in a way that I haven't heard in a while, and the performance was spot on. Just wonderful.


3. Lil David - Imagine - Not quite as good as the first time he performed it . . . I liked the earlier arrangement better . . . but, I think his vocals and his selling of the performance were very much on target. Very, very good.

4. Rocker David - The World I Know - Strange choice of song for me . . . I like the song . . . and I liked Cookie's performance . . . I just think he could have made a better moment out of it than he did . . . The vocals seemed to be a bit lacking . . . interestingly, the replay at the end, showed Cookie singing a much more MOMENT worthy version of the song . . .

5. Lil David - Idol theme song - This song sounded like that winning Idol moment, balloons dropping, choir singing, fireworks going off type of song . . . schmaltzy, sugar sweet, but sung very, very well.

6. Rocker David - Idol theme song - Overall, I think once Rocker David gets in the studio, the song can be VERY marketable . . . the performance tonight was good . . . but not great. His performance on the chorus' was stellar . . . the verses were just a half step too low for him and produced a wee bit of muttering sounds . . . ish . . . esque . . .

Overall, a great night for both guys. I think it was the very best finale from start to finish since Rueben and Clay in Season 2. Simply wonderful . . . I don't know who is going to win this thing tomorrow, but I do believe that Lil Boo won the night kinda hardcore . . .

However, I must make a prediction . . . and I may lose the Friendly Little Competition on this one, but I must go with who I think should win . . . and I very much believe that David Archuleta should win this competition. He freakin blew the Nokia roof off tonight.

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