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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Long live King David(s)

So ... umm ... I guess I watched a different Idol top 3 than my dear friend, Josh.

I absolutely agreed with Simon -- David Cook EASILY won the night. Not even really close in my opinion. David C. won rounds 1 and 3 and Round two was a draw.

I will note that our Fox affiliate also simulcasts on 87.7 FM radio here and I listened to the performances over the radio first while I was driving back from Birmingham and then watched later. So by the time I watched, I had some opinions already.

David Cook showed America (Hi Shep!) that he can sing and rock out and have fun and look like he is supposed to be doing all of those things. I thought Simon's choice was crazy difficult, but David stepped up. I liked his sound on the radio and I think that he will get plenty of airplay on mainstream radio. I love the Switchfoot song generally and although I agree that the vocals were not superb, I can give David C. some forgiveness because he looked and sounded like a rock star. I absolutely hate the last song as a general premise (Thank you Antonella), but his performance easily topped the other David and Syesha.

David A. looked awkward last night. I guess that we have an understanding that "Daddy" was a big help to him during the competition. Josh, I did not hear any acapella part to the first song - which I found boring and not intimate enough. Where was the piano??? The second song was a mess. I am glad the he stepped out and picked a challenging song, but do you think he even knows what a "boo" is? Seemed a little like 17 year old singing in the mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone. It did not work for me. It felt forced and contrived -- especially when watching it. Over the radio I did not have nearly as harsh of an opinion about it. Longer was boring. Pretty but boring. Obviously David A. is the best singer, but he is not the best performer. I hope he makes it to next week. (Side note -- I love David A.'s voice on the radio because it is so distinctive.)

Syesha needs to be on Broadway Idol, not American Idol. She doesn't work for me as a radio/pop artist. While I was listening to Fever on the radio, I was thinking that this performance is probably whole lot better if you could see it and not just hear it. The other two songs were nothing special.

Going to the finale -- All of the Davids
Going home -- Syesha

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