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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top 3: What Decade Is This?

Here are my rankings of the performances of the Top 3 . . . such as they were.

1. Lil David - "So It Goes" - The acapella first half of the song goes a long way for me. Probably the best VOCAL of the night.

2. Rocker David - "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - The first half of the song was quite nice . . . the second half not quite as good for me . . . see TtownIdol's reference to screaming. . .

(GAP - read: none of the other performances registered on my relevance meter)

3. Syesha - "If I Ain't Got You" - Her best vocal of the night . . . just kind of waiting for the first half of the song to be done so she could get to the belting part of the song . . .

4. Rocker David - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" - I prefaced a previous entry with the notion that this is one of my all time favorites . . .and I didn't love his interpretation, but . . . he did the best with it he could.

5. Lil David - "With You" - Simply because he stayed in vocal range and I got to hear him say the word "boo"

6. Syesha - "Fever" - That chair . . . ugh . . . were those sequins on her dress or little bits of feta cheese?

7. Lil David - "Longer" - Again, as per usual, he was in vocal range and sounded good, but this song is so dreadful and he just hasn't had the life experience to pull it off.

8. Syesha - Penguin Song - Couldn't remember the title . . . not good . . . not good . . . not good . . . but, for me not as bad as . . .

9. Rocker David - "Dare You to Move" - Yikes, there were some bum notes in this performance that I just couldn't deal with . . . I'm sure on the isle of unpopular opinion here, but I just thought it was a great big mess.

For me, Lil David won the night by the smallest of margins . . . However, the larger deal is that Syesha needed to have a MOMENT or two and have the boys really be subpar . . . Didn't happen.

Prediction: Syesha has wrung the last bit of luck out of her Idol washrag.

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