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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David Archuletta's homecoming

I know that I am jumping the gun...but I just ran across this information. It appears that SHOULD Archuleta not be eliminated tonight, his homecoming parade is set for this Friday in Murray Utah. Thought this was an interesting bit of info:

Update on David Archuleta’s Homecoming this Friday in Murray, Utah

In this usually quiet picturesque town of Murray, they are hanging huge banners today as local officials are bracing for hundreds, maybe even thousands of first time visitors flying or driving in from all over the country.

On Friday, regardless of whatever happens on Wednesday, the neighborhoods will come alive with balloons and streamers, pomp and circumstances beyond one’s imagination… including a press contingency of dozens maybe even hundreds from all over the world.

Fan Blast reporters on the beat, Dar Seacrest and Brett Kane Hales will be covering for all of you since you cannot make it. Our Junior Hunk correspondant, Adam will also report to you from behind the scenes.

So keep it tuned here to FB101 as we bring you updates all day long on Friday here on Fan Blast, your daily fix to Everything David!

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