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Trent Harmon Wins The Last American Idol

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Behind-the-scenes dirt from Archuleta's voice coach!

Click on the title above for an interesting video from MyFox Utah last week, where David Archuleta's voice coach Dean Kaelin says there are some "weird games being played" with regards to song choice, position, and arrangement on the Final Three show.

Seems that Lil David wanted to do a song that went to Cook, and Archuleta's best song was shifted to first instead of last, unlike Cook. Also, Syesha wanted to have strings and was told she couldn't - but on the same show Cook had strings! Shenanigans? Kind of makes you wonder what to look out for tonight, to see if TPTB will tip their hand as to who they want to wear the Idol crown.

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