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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A VERY late review of the finale

As I said in the previous post, a vacay took me away before I could blog about the finale. Overall, I would have to rate this finale as one of if not THE best of the bunch. I was quite impressed with almost all of the numbers. . . I didn't even mind the Mike Myers movie pimpage . . . just seeing the look on Lil Boo's face when Myers' character said that soon he would get hair in interesting and wonderful places was worth the price of admission.

Probably the only number that I found to be less than stellar was the Syesha/Seal spectacular. I heart Seal and Syesha can definitely blow, but seriously, why the duet with no harmony? What was that? Otherwise, good stuff. I thought MY BROOKE and Graham Nash were spectacular . . . but nothing topped our top 2 . . . Cook and ZZ Top AND Lil David and One Republic were absolutely wonderful. Cook could and should be the lead singer of some over the top rock band pronto . . . AND Aruchuleta proved that he could be the lead singer . . . a better lead singer . . . for this very current Top 40 band. Overall, wonderful.

However, I think the performance of the night belonged to Carly Smithson and The Hotness. Their rendition of "The Letter" WAS ABSOLUTELY ON FREAKIN FIRE! They showed us why they were considered the two to beat very early on. I hope that record companies around the world were watching that performance and sign these two immediately.

The resluts: I picked Archuleta because I thought he was the better performer on the final night, and because I wanted to stay true to my early pick. However, my gut really believed that Cook would win. I don't know why . . . just did. And probably, for the first time, in those final moments, I didn't actually root too hard one way or the other . . . and, in the end, I cried. I cried when he won . . . I cried when he sang the DAMN SCHMALTZ IDOL SONG . . . I cried when he threw his arm around Lil David . . . I just boohooed. Good for David Cook. Good for American Idol. Good for A Little Taste of Idol.

Great season my fellow bloggers . . . But this is the very beginning . . . Idol news year round . . . Nashville Star . . . Idol Rewind . . . We're up and running, y'all! Great Work!

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