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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Worst top 3 show EVER!

So I figured today I would just get right to the point. Last night was the worst top 3 show ever! I didn’t find any of the performances worthy of praise. A couple of quick thought before I get to my analysis. The main problem I had with last nights show is the same problem that I have had with the show this season: It was too “old” and too “clichéd”. Seriously….this is supposed to be a show about picking the next “American Idol”…it should be a little more edgy….a little more hip…..seriously….a bit more this century. When the songs picked come from Roberta Flack…Dan Fogelberg….Billy Joel….c’mon….all great artists, but not the pop idols of today. As I said a couple of weeks ago on our idol blog ( what should we expect next year…..Engelbert Humperdink night?

Ok….I’m off my rant…lets get to the show:

Lil David: First song – And so it goes- Billy Joel. God you know I love Billy Joel…and with all the songs to choose from they choose one that is really understated and doesn’t really do David any justice. (Maybe the conspiracy theories are correct that they tried to sabotage him this week). I thought he did it well….not great….but ok – (6)

Second song – I have to give him props for trying to do something a little more relevant and hip….it didn’t really work for him – (4)

Third song – Dan Fogelberg – Pretty song…..sung pretty…..but lacking the David touches…..I heard it in one vanishing second…but overall not up to par (5)

Syesha: Randy picks the Diva ballad. It was fine, but showed that she can’t compete with the true Diva’s…at least not yet (5)

Second song: Fever. Dated….bland……totally Cabaret….complete with the chair (I almost expected a Mein Heir recreation).(4)

Third song: As Simon said….forgettable. Did herself no favor by not choosing something to really showcase her talent. (4)

On the up side….she looked fabulous…they have done an incredible job creating her image and she was the best “performer” of the night. Sadly…her vocals were not up to her performance.

David Cook: First song: If ever I saw your face. Beautiful song and something that I really had hoped that David would do something unique with. Instead…as Simon said….he gave us a boring, forgettable standard kareokoe version of the song. I expected so much more (5)

Second song: Didn’t know the song. Found it to be kinda boring…and his vocals were not up to his norm (5)

Third song: Best performance of a very weak night. He hit a couple of real clunker notes…especially the second to last note…AY!....but this is the kind of song that David should sing….he was in his element…albeit…not where he was three weeks ago (7)

Final Rubbertoe tallies:

Lil David : 15 points (average: 5)

Syesha: 13 points ( average: 4.3)

David Cook: 17 points ( average: 5.7)

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