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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Few Morsels of the Rich Tasty Goodness that is the American Idol Finale!

Ugh! I got to the bottom of this post and hit the FRACKING escape key, and have had to start over . . . UGH!

And go . . . DJ Slim over at Idol Blog Live continues to spoil all of the juicy tidbits . . . Here are a few morsels pertaining to the Idol Finale Results Show!

* Paula will debut a new song from her upcoming album - Er . . . Um . . . live, seriously, I'm just not sure . . . I mean, I have this image stuck in my head of Paula and her back up dancers partially blinding me one year during the MTV Video Music Awards with their interpretation of her song, "Vibeology" . . . Anyone remember that . . . . Anyhoo, I suppose she could lipsync or sing with a track as it has been rumored that Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis did . . . seriously yo, maybe I'm mistaken, but did I miss the lesson in school about how to make your voice sound like its echoing . . .

* Top 12 will perform as a group with Paula - Could assist in the aforementioned "live" performance and lead me to only jab one of my eyes out with a hot poker.

* The SYTYCD Dancers will perform on Wednesday - Very curious about this one . . . A few of my friends watch this show and absolutely HEART it!

* Each of the Top 5 will duet with a celebrity - I have one request of TPTB, please keep Meat Loaf away from our Idols . . . I still have about half of a toothpick remaining in my right ear from the debacle that was The Loaf and The McPheever . . . I mean, can y'all imagine The Loaf with Lil Boo or Brooke . . . All I can envision is both of them on stage with The Loaf, doing their best to get through the performance, but all the while sporting a look, that if translated, would read something like this . . . "For the love of La Seacrest, please don't let this big scary man get anywhere near me . . . feets don't fail me now!!"

* 2 previous Idols from each of the past seasons will perform - Now, this one could be very fun . . . depending on who they get . . .

My requests:

Season 1: Tamyra Gray and RJ Helton (CutieMcPretty)
Season 2: Trenyce and KLo
Season 3: LATOYA LONDON . . . that is all
Season 4: Vonzelle and AFed (I heart him)
Season 5: Bucky (singing Fat Bottomed Girls!) and Elliot - Vote Like YAMIN it!
Season 6: Blake and Chris Richardson (for very selfish reasons) . . . I'm a Blaker Boy!

* The Jonas Brothers will perform - I knew they'd sneak them in some how.

What do y'all think of the makings of the Idol extravaganza?


nanassetta said...

I'm voting like YAMIN it! : )

Allison said...

J --
Don't you think that Daughtry will be on the show from season 5?

J said...

I'd like for Daughtry to come on the show, but I was betting that few if any of the major Idol stars will return. I was kind of counting out La Clarkson, La Aiken, Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood. Could be wrong though . . . in fact, would be happy to be wrong!

Jan said...

Did you actually watch Jordin and Leona live?

You could hear Jordin rupture her vocal chords towards the end of No Air and it was announced the following week that she had to pull out of the support slot for Alicia Keys for a number of weeks and repair her voice.

Leona is just outstanding live (see the multitude of videos on youtube including this weekend's Q102 and Kiss concerts in Camden NJ and Boston).

Both will have had a backing track for the song music with some backing vocals, but that's due to Idol being too cheap to provide a live band and backing vocalists.

Neither "mimes" as suggested.

J said...

I actually did watch Leona, but did not watch Jordin. I was actually responding to online speculation that tracks were being used, and even more so in response to Paula trying to sing on the finale. I do actually think that both women have beautiful voices. I do wonder why Idol wouldn't give them a backing band when Ricky Minor and co. play for the contestants . . .

L&K said...

We saw a brief clip of Taylor a week or so ago - and he said he was headed to CA for some Idol-related work - I wonder if he will be on the final show?