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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hey, Mr.Packabong Man, Play A Song For Me

The quick and filthy on the Top (?) Four last night:

What a strange season - did only half the remaining contestants remember Top 4 night is do or die? And did Lil Dave get the only professional sound mix? As for the rest of the night, I think we've all heard better sound mixes at a frat party after the keg is floating @ 3 a.m.

David A: far and away the winner of the evening, but let's not gush with hyperbole about his "bestness" - listen back to the group sing last week and Cook made the rest sound like Alvin's chipmunks. Still, "Love Me Tender" was perhaps Lil Dave's best on the show.

Syesha: good performances, but mixed vocals. Screamy at times on Proud Mary (why, dear Cthulhu, can she not resist the overblown glory notes?) and a strange mix of string-pulling on her 2nd song. Between the boobs and the weepy appeal to the ghost of Medgar Evers, could we forget she's the last woman and person of color, America? Still, she brought it like it was Top 4 night.

David Cook: coasting, maybe he's tired, maybe he knows it's a race to the bottom for Jason, but not one of his best. WTF on the 1st song. Second was shaping up, then imploded in a weird ending. Still, light years away from the bottom, which is

Jason Castro: might have thrown himself under, but a bus was involved. Damn, Randy looked like he wanted to bust a cap in Jason after his 2nd critique - look at his face! But after the trainwreck of the Marley, he self-destructed on an otherwise pleasant performance of "Tambourine Man". He was gone before he sang a note, though, it was only a matter of this week or next.

K's America's Bottom 2: Syesha and Castro. Castro may not be packing his bags, but, well, you know what he's packing (snootchie bootchies). Castro blowin' in the wind.

L's America's B2: Cook and Castro, Shocker for Cookie, but due only to de-pimpage. Castro has to go.

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