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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lil David Imagines . . . Possibly Winning . . .

Lil David is about to sing “Imagine” . . .

He’s reworked it a bit . . . the boy is in good voice tonight . . . very, very good voice tonight . . . stunning the first time and very good the second time . . . Cookie gets points for doing a different song, but Lil David gets points for being the better vocal . . . Liked the first arrangement of "Imagine" better, but still a good performance.

Randy thinks that Lil David is in it to win it . . . Paula thinks he is a shining star . . . and Simon thinks they’ve had a memorable finale, but that Lil David came out to win this competition and delivered a knock out.

And here comes Rueben? Huh? Singing this horrible going home song . . . . he actually sounds quite good, but no, no, no . . . . This song drives me nuts since they took the other alt-pop song away . . . Allison will know the title.

Overall, I would say that Lil David won rounds 1 and 3 and round 2 was a draw . . . . Round 1 was very much the best round from both performers of the night. . . . in that round David Cook was masterful and David Archuletta was the master. I don’t know who will win, but, based on tonight, in my opinion, Lil David deserves to be crowned the winner.

I think tomorrow night will be interesting . . .

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