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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top 3: The Results . . . Will America FINALLY get it right?

Will it be the most dramatic Top 3 ever . . . My early guess is, er, um, no . . . but, we will see. THIS is AMERican Idol!

And here come the Idol's singing "Ain't No Stoppin Us Now" . . . um, when do we get new millenium night . . . anyhoo, how much do you want to bed that Rocker David's friends are making SUCH fun of him right now. Playing drinking games . . . take a shot everytime he has to act dorky on camera . . . and . . . their drunk.

So, our Idols are once again back stage . . . Again, I say, I want the people on the couch prior to elimination . . . not one of the good changes, Idol!!

Let's bring up Lil David . . . OH! I NEED YA BOO! . . . sorry . . . and, we're going back to Lil David's hometown . . . Look, the cheerleaders are attacking him . . . and, he looks strangely freaked out . . . and we're at a Lil David event . . .and my boo is crying . . . I'm making an official Little Taste of Idol change . . . I am now officially referring to Lil David as Lil Boo!!! I'm hearting him at home.

Next up is Ms. Syesha . . . She's goin home and hangin with her peeps. Lots of crying for Ms. Syesha, but strangely does not inspire me to give her the boo label . . . I like her, and think she will be hittin up broadway hardcore . . . but, I have hard time believing her when she speaks, cries, etc.

Finally, Rocker David is up and so is his bro. A non-idol aside . . . I'm showing my inner dork here, but I think Cookies brother is soooooooooooooo geek sheik cute! Tee Hee . . . anyway, we're going back home with the Cooks. Um, now Rocker David is crying . . . and I'm gonna now officially start calling him Rocker Boo . . . I'm hearting him back home with his bro. Maybe Rocker Boo will sing at Bro Boo and my ceremony . . . er, um . . . Idol . . .yes, Idol . . .

And now, it's time for the results. 56 million votes, bitches! Let me just say before they announce the results. I SO WANT A BOO ON BOO FINALE! We've been waiting for the right 2 to be in the finale since Season 2!

After the nationwide vote, the first person to make the finals is . . . LIL BOO! YAY! OH, I NEED YA BOO! That leaves Rocker Boo and Ms. Mercado for the final spot . . . The second person in the finals is . . . ROCKER BOO! YAY! A BOO ON BOO FINALE, YO! HOLLA!

I must say, Ms. Syesha looks like she knew she was going home, and handles the moment with grace and class. I'm impressed. But, I'm MORE impressed that we FINALLY have the correct finale! And, I'll have to check, but I think that all of us bloggers picked this finale!

I am so excited, but damn it, I wanted to see the coin toss! In all of Idol history, only the person who has gone second has won the title! And, in another little bit of Idol trivia, this is the first American Idol finale that features two individuals who have never been to the bottom two or three. Every other finale had at least one contestant who had been in danger of elimination at least once. A little Idol history . . . I'm sure we will spend the next week prognosticating on what will happen in the finale!


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